MmmChef Personal Chef

At the core of Mmmchef its all about the customized holistic personal chef experience.

This is where it all began; bringing a unique and personalized culinary experience into your kitchen!

Daniela works together with each client to create a menu and service tailored to their specific needs like special dietary restrictions, budget, quantity , likes, dislikes, shopping, ingredient preferences, ingredients on hand, recipes, packaging and so much more


Hourly rates plus the cost of ingredients.
examples of time and quantity can be seen on MmmChef’s social media pages
All services and prices are customized to each unique client.

Weekly, BiWeekly, Monthly, Occasional Meal Prep, Meal Planning, Grocery  Shopping, Dinner Parties, Cooking Lessons, Demonstrations and Much More!

Please contact to set up a complimentary consultation!


Meet the Chef!MmmChef Daniela Crocco

Daniela is a holistic nutritionist and culinary trained chef.

She has hosted cooking classes, facilitated large scale catering events, coordinated youth cooking camps and lessons, and she’s worked in the behind the scenes kitchens of food television productions on Canadas Gusto Tv.

She grew up with a Italian chef for a dad and in an restaurant industry family that has always been super passionate about REAL WHOLE food.  She has travelled the planet  opening her palette to many cuisines.

Chef Daniela THRIVES to bring healthy nutritious and convenient food to people just like you! With personalized home chef services and specially designed weekly meals and a food to order menu called MmmFood she maintains the goal of bringing you back around the kitchen table and back to balance with every meal.

Mmm..  ask her to let you in on the not so secret story behind the name MmmChef!